Friday, February 29, 2008

Juan Luis Guerra

Marlon Brandon

Marlon in his rol of Vito Corleone the famous caracter of the Francis Ford Coppola's trilogy, The Godfather

Stevie Wonder

Stevie by Paco

Mohamed Ali

This was a gift gave by Paco to one of his teacher at university

Pablo 2

This is a Picasso's scketch made by Paco in 45 minutes

Eric Clapton

Monday, February 25, 2008

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Novelist and novel prize winner, colombian Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Hugo and Fidel

Paco with the original canvas of this caricature of Fidel Castro opposite Hugo Chavez and we can see a detail of this painting

Hugo Chavez

This is the president of Venezuela, where Paco belongs to

Phill Collins

Pablo Ruiz Picasso

John Lennon

This is paco's version of John Lennon, this ex-beatles is one of the most favorites paco's singer...